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Who We Are

Dedicated to Providing a Cost-effective Solution

At GBPN, we are dedicated to providing a cost-effective solution for small businesses to have a dedicated business phone number.

We don't believe in locking features that you need behind a higher tier plan. We believe everyone should always receive every feature we offer at one affordable price. We are continuously working on adding new features we can offer to our customers without increasing the amount we charge.

We Care About Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. We will never sell any of the data you have given us to third parties. We don't sell your call logs, your email address, your personal cell phone number, or any other data you provide us. They stay private with us. Keep in mind while you can get a "free" business phone number, it is not truly free. Those companies are almost certainly selling your call history, email address, cell phone number, and any other data you give them. After all, they need to make money somehow.

We Are a U.S. Based Company

We are located in the Pacific Northwest in Spokane Valley, WA. We don't outsource our work to people outside the country. We believe in keeping it in the U.S.

We Always Charge the Same Price

We always will charge you the same price. We won't increase the amount you pay.

We Do Not Have Any Outside Investors to Answer To

Since we don't have any investors to answer to, we don't have to worry about consistently increasing the bottom line to keep them happy. We can instead focus on providing our customers with the best service we can.

  • Free Professional Setup
  • Free Voice Recordings
  • No App Required

100% U.S. Based Support.
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