All The Features You Get With A GBPN Phone Number

Take Your Business Phone Number to The Next Level

Features of Our Phone Numbers

Unlimited Minutes

Don't worry about tracking how many minutes you used this month. Know you will always be able to receive calls and call your customers.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to your cell phone or landline when people call your business phone number.

Lifetime Call History

Data is everything. Know who is calling, when, and how long you spend on the phone. We make it easy with call history right at your fingertips.

Custom Greetings

Create a professional phone tree using your own recordings. You have full control when it comes to creating your custom menu, so you are sure to create a smooth experience for your customers.

iPhone Unlocked with Customer Calling


Easy to set up and customizable voicemail options that will always fit your business needs. Short on time? Let us email your voicemail to you.

Business Hours

Take control of your personal and business life with easy to set up time-based call routing. Send the calls where you want them at the times you choose.

Custom Call Routing

Easily create your own custom automated attendants for efficient call routing. We make it easy for any size business to have a fully featured phone system.

Always-On Service

Your phone system will answer phones for your business even while you sleep. You can direct the caller to voicemail, a recording, or another employee.

  • Free Professional Setup
  • Free Voice Recordings
  • No App Required

100% U.S. Based Support.
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Even More Features

Incoming Call Alert

When your customers call you we play a recording that only you can hear. This allows you to know that it's time to put on your game face and land that sale.

Local Phone Numbers

If you’re a local business, have a local phone number. Chances are if you don’t have a local number you won't get local business.

Toll-Free Phone Numbers

Want your company to look like one of the big dogs? Toll-Free numbers give that big company feel and offer convenience to your customers.

Vanity Numbers

Looking for something to set your business apart from the others? Let us set you up with a vanity number that will help you create a memorable marketing campaign.

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