10 Benefits of a Business Phone Number

Why Your Business Needs a Dedicated Phone Number

10 Benefits

1 Keep Your Personal Cell Phone Number Private

No longer will you have to list your personal cell phone number all over the internet, from Facebook to Craigslist or the BBB. Now forever, your personal cell phone number is not out there for the world to know.

2 Have Business Hours

Having business hours is one of the best reasons to have a dedicated business phone number. Now when someone calls you, after going home for the day, they will be greeted with a message "Thank you for calling [Your Business Name Here]. We are closed for the day. Our business hours are from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Please leave a voicemail, and we will return your call. Thank You." Then it will go to your dedicated business voicemail, not your personal voicemail. More on that later.

3 Call Screening and Incoming Call Notifications

When you have an incoming call to your business line, you will be greeted with a message that only you can hear. The message will be, "You have an incoming call. Press 1 to accept. Press 2 to ignore." Option 2 will be sent to voicemail."

Meanwhile, all your customer hears is regular ringing. If you have set up a greeting message, they will hear that too, giving you more time to answer the call. You will also receive a text and/or email notification of an incoming call too.

4 Have A Professional Voicemail

Have you ever called a business, and it goes to someone's personal voicemail. The voicemail plays a message something like "This is Mike. Leave me your message." Even worse, you called 555-123-4567, and the default message plays, "Your call was forwarded to an automated voice message system. 555-888-9999 is unavailable. Please leave your message after the tone." You didn't call that number.

With our voicemail, your customers would be greeted with a custom message like, "Thank you for calling GBPN. Please leave your name, phone number, and a quick message about what we can help you with."

5 Have Calls Forward To Multiple Phones Simultaneously

If you have multiple people that answer calls for your business, no longer do you need to list various cell phone numbers on an ad. You can configure your business line to ring on multiple cell phones simultaneously when you have an incoming call. Then whoever is available can answer the call. No more do your customers have to try multiple numbers to get in touch with someone at your company.

6 Have A Greeting Message For Your Customers

When someone calls your business line, you can have a custom greeting. You can set up a different greeting message when you are open and closed.

While you are open, you can have a greeting like, "Thank you for calling [Business Name Here]. Someone will answer the phone shortly." Meanwhile, you received a text and or email notification that you have an incoming call on your business line.

If you are closed but have an emergency line, you could add to the message above under business hours and have something like, "If this is an emergency press 5 to talk to our on-call technician." And then if they press 5 the call will forward to the on-call technician's phone.

7 Separation of Business and Personal Communications

With a business phone number, it will be much easier to keep personal and business life separate.

8 Phone Trees and Extensions

With our business phone numbers, you also have access to phone trees and extensions. You may not use them every day, but having the ability to have a conference line now and then could be very beneficial.

9 Consistency For Your Branding and Business Listings

By having a dedicated business phone number, you can easily make sure that all your business listings are using the same phone number and not having to think who's cell phone number is listed where. Also, this way, if you need to get a new cell phone number, you don't have to worry about losing business because of a listing somewhere that has your old cell phone number on it.

10 Work From Anywhere

With our business phone number service, you can work from anywhere. If you are at your office, but you need to leave to go somewhere, you can rest assured you won't miss any calls.

Customers Call Your Business, Not Your Cell Phone

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