Free Phone Number Porting To GBPN

Don't lose your current business phone number because you are unhappy with your current provider.

What Is Phone Number “Porting?”

The process of moving or transferring a phone number to a different service provider is called "porting." There will be no charge from us; however, your existing provider may charge you a fee.

Know Your Rights About Porting Your Phone Number

In the U.S. you can port your number to another provider. Your current provider cannot refuse your port as long as you meet all the criteria and can prove ownership. Also note, “Companies may not refuse to port a number because a consumer has not paid for porting.

Find out more about this and other rules about porting on the FCC's website:

Additional Important Information to Know

To avoid any unnecessary delays or rejections, you must maintain all phone numbers in service with the current carrier until the porting process completes.

You will also be responsible for any termination charges imposed by the current carrier for porting the phone number(s).

How Long Does It Take for a Number to Be Ported

Timeframes can vary significantly for how long it can take a phone port to complete. It can take anywhere from one day to a couple of weeks. We will provide you with a temporary number you can use while we are porting your phone number

What You Need to Port a Number

To port a phone number, it is pretty simple, and we only need a few things. We will need a completed and signed Porting Letter of Authorization (LOA) and a copy of your most current phone bill.

You will also need to sign up and have an account with us before we begin porting your number. The number you select at signup will be the temporary phone number. You can use this as much as you want until your phone number port is complete. After which we will swap in the ported number to your account. If you're going to keep your temporary number, let us know, and we can keep it assigned to you. However, it is worth noting this will be an additional $30/month as we charge $30/month for each phone number we provide.

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