Navigating 10DLC and Toll-Free Registrations for Your Small Business: An Essential Guide

10DLC and Toll-Free SMS Regulations for Small Businesses: Everything You Need to Know

Unlocking the Potential of SMS Communication: Compliance, Costs, and Best Practices

Navigating 10DLC and Toll-Free Registrations for Your Small Business: An Essential Guide

Cliffnotes Summary

  • 10DLC: Uses regular phone numbers for business texts to prevent spam and ensure safe messaging.
  • Toll-Free SMS: Allows businesses to use toll-free numbers for texting, promoting legitimate communication.
  • Preventing Spam: These regulations help reduce the number of spam texts from scammers.
  • Business Registration: Necessary so the FCC and carriers have contact information, ensuring responsibility for text messages sent.
  • Importance: Maintains a trustworthy environment for businesses and consumers.

If you're interested in the details, read on!


In today's fast-paced digital world, communication is key, especially for small businesses striving to connect with their customers efficiently and effectively. Two pivotal elements in this landscape are 10DLC (10-Digit Long Code) and Toll-Free SMS services, crucial for any business that relies on text messaging as a communication tool. A2P (Application-to-Person) messaging, including all types of phone numbers like virtual numbers offered by services like GBPN, is the framework used for these communications. 10DLC specifically refers to the use of standard 10-digit phone numbers in A2P messaging.

1. Understanding 10DLC: The New Era of Business Messaging

10DLC offers a reliable, compliant, and spam-free environment for businesses to communicate with their customers using standard 10-digit phone numbers.

Why Does 10DLC Exist?

The 10DLC system was developed as a response to the increasing volume of spam and scam text messages, aiming to protect consumers and enhance the trustworthiness of A2P messaging.

Who Regulates 10DLC?

10DLC messaging is regulated by major U.S. wireless carriers, with oversight from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Costs and Payments

  • Campaign Registration Fees: Paid to The Campaign Registry (TCR).
  • Carrier Fees: Monthly charges per 10DLC number.
  • Messaging Fees: Based on message volume.

2. Toll-Free SMS Registration: Expanding Your Reach

Toll-free SMS services allow sending text messages from a toll-free number, offering wider reach and greater trust.

Why Toll-Free SMS Verification Exists

Toll-Free SMS verification is crucial to prevent misuse of these numbers for spam or fraudulent activities. It ensures that toll-free numbers are used responsibly and in compliance with regulations, maintaining the integrity of business communications.

Who Regulates Toll-Free SMS?

Regulated by carriers under FCC oversight, compliance with TCPA and other relevant laws is mandatory.

Costs and Payments

  • Setup Fees: For enabling SMS on a toll-free number. 
  • Monthly Fees: For maintaining the number.
  • Per-Message Fees: Based on messaging volume.


For small businesses like those served by GBPN, understanding and complying with 10DLC and Toll-Free SMS regulations is crucial. While there are costs involved, the benefits of compliant, effective communication outweigh them, ensuring a successful business-customer interaction.

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