Easily Add Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to Your Website

It is not the most exciting thing, but you should have them

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Adding Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Your website is for your business, and you should have terms of service and privacy policy. They are there to protect you and your company. Another advantage of having terms of service and privacy policy on your website is it will be another indication to visitors that you are a trustworthy company. More likely then not, many of your customers will not know what these are. However, they notice them on countless websites (and virtually every "large" website) and might expect to see them on yours.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Generator

There are numerous free or cheap generators you can find online. If you search for "terms of service generator" or "privacy policy generator," you will find multiple options. We are not recommending any specific one because what you need will vary greatly depending on your business. You will have to do your research to determine which is best for you.

Each of the generators will ask you several questions about your company. Things such as what is your company name, where your company was formed, or what your website does technically. These questions can be regarding if you have user accounts, lets users upload content, or does your business specifically target kids. If you need assistance with answering questions around what your website does technically, we would recommend you ask the person or company who created your website. When you are finished (and pay if required), you will next be able to download the terms of service or privacy policy.

Final Thoughts

If you have any questions about what should or shouldn't be in your terms of service and privacy policy, we advise seeking legal advice from a lawyer. We would recommend you add terms of service and privacy policy to your website even you are utilizing a free generator because there is only an upside to having them.

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