6 Tips to Know When Hiring Someone to Create a Website for Your Business

Get some tips on finding the perfect person to help you with your website

Helpful Tips to Create Your Website

For several people, the first interaction they will have with your company is via your website or social media. Therefore having a good website is essential. If you don't have a website or need it updated, you might be wondering how to find someone who can help you. I have six tips that will assist you in finding the right person to help you with your website.

1. Find Someone Local

Finding someone local is one of the best things you can do. Sure you can have someone in India make your website for real cheap, but when it comes to communicating with them, it is going to be difficult. There is a significant timezone difference, language barrier, and cultural differences that can make it challenging to communicate what your business does or what you want them to do. The best part of hiring someone local is you can meet them in person. Not only can you meet them in person, but you also should. It is much easier to explain to someone what your business does and what you need out of a website in person. You can talk through things, solve problems much simpler and faster this way.

2. Have A Budget Before Hand

Having a rough idea of how much you want to spend on your website beforehand is a great idea. This way when you reach out to someone and they ask how big of a budget you have. If you are not working with someone untrustworthy, they are not finding out how much money they can get out of you but to know if they can build what you want within your budget. For example, if you need an eCommerce website, you are going to need a much larger budget, then a local landscaping company, with an informational website will need.

If all you need is a website with a handful of pages about your company, what services you offer, and a contact form I would budget $3000 or so. That should be enough to find someone local who knows what they are doing.

3. Don't Hire Friends or Family

You may have a family member that can do "web design" and will do it for cheap or even free. Trust us and don't. This way if they are doing a lousy job, you can fire them, and it won't be awkward at the next family dinner. By hiring a business (or individual), there aren't any personal feelings to get in the way. It is only a business decision at that point.

4. Ask Business Connection For Referrals

I am assuming you have some local connections with other business owners. Ask them who made their website and what they thought of working with them. Asking around can be an excellent way to find hidden local talent.

5. Have Some Ideas As To What You Want On Your Website

Before you try to find a local web designer, have an idea as to what your goals are for your website. For instance, what pages do you want, do you want a blog, or do you want to be able to update your website's content yourself. Also, if you have established branding; colors, fonts, images, make sure your website reflects that.

6. If You Have Questions, Ask Them

Remember, no question is a bad one. While talking with your local web designer and you are unsure of something, ask them. Most likely they didn't know you didn't understand and will be glad to explain it to you. If they talk down to you or they make you feel inferior for asking, and you haven't hired them already, don't. If you have already hired them, you can always fire them.

Getting Started

If you are not sure where to start your search, go to Google and search for "[CITY NAME] web designer." You will find a mix of agencies and freelancers (which is what you are most likely looking for) on the first page of the search results. Don't forget to go on the following few pages and see whom you can find. If you find someone you like, send them a message on their website. Now you have just started your journey to your new website. Good Luck!

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