How to Register The Perfect Domain For Your Business

A domain is an essential part of a website

No Rocket Science Here

Registering a domain is a relatively simple task. First, let us define what a domain is; it is your website. For example, Now the hardest part of registering a domain is finding a domain name you like and that someone else hasn't already registered. To register a domain, you need to find a domain registrar. More on that later.

Finding Your Domain

Ideally, your domain will be precisely what your company name is. For example, our company name is "GBPN," so we have the domain We have another resource with more details about buying the matching domain where you can find out more.

Finding a Domain Registrar

There are countless domain registrars, and at a super basic level, all do the same thing. They allow you to register a domain for your website. Many domain registrars also allow you to purchase domains that other people own that are for sale. There are no set prices for domains that are for sale by other people, and prices can vary wildly. Often, these domains are being sold by domain squatters.

Many domain registrars try and up-sell you on many different services as you checkout. Be conscious of this while checking out that you don't accidentally sign up for additional services that you may not want or need. A domain registrar we like is Hover because they offer free WHOIS Privacy. Additionally, how we don't try to up-sell you on anything during checkout, Hover doesn't either.

One thing to note is you may have noticed that many web hosting companies include a "free" domain with your web hosting. Which initially seems like a good value, but there is a catch. What many don't tell you is if you move web hosts, you will lose your domain. We would always recommend keeping your web hosting company and domain registrar separate to prevent this from ever being an issue.

Registering The Domain

After you have found the domain you want to register, the rest is easy. Create an account on the domain registrar you wish to use and add the domain to their shopping cart and checkout. Registering a domain will generally cost $10-20 a year. We highly recommend you keep auto-renew on, so you don't lose your domain.

Now I Have My Domain, Now What?

Now that you have registered a domain if you go to that domain, it is likely going to a temporary coming soon page provided by the registrar. You will need a website and a web host to point your before your new domain will show your site. Usually, this only involves changing the DNS nameservers, but not always. Often the person or company that makes (or made) your website can help you with this. If you need some advice on obtaining a website, we have a resource for you, Creating a Website for Every Budget.

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